2019 Bali Arbitration Summit

Welcoming Message

As the BIAMC’s Founding Chair and CEO, it is my singular privilege to welcome you to the second edition of Bali Arbitration Summit, on November 18th, 2019. Like in 2018, we have carefully crafted a series of sessions centered on the promotion, recognition, and progression of international arbitration ‐ this time with the focus being legal tech in dispute resolution.

This year’s Bali Arbitration Summit will begin with key note addresses from the Balinese Vice Governor and key delegates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, as well as high-level industry representatives. Thereafter, we move on to having five focussed panel discussions surrounding the broad topics (i) tradition vs. technology; (ii) dispute resolution beyond the law; (iii) the use of technology in dispute resolution; (iv) legal technology in contracting; and (v) the future of dispute resolution.

The five panel discussion sessions will be followed by a gala dinner later in the evening, a Top 10 Arbitrators and Mediators in Asia Pacific Awards session and, of course, amazing activities and tours for you and your family to enjoy during your stay in Bali. It just wouldn’t be a trip to Bali without taking in at least some of the many sites, indulgences, and adventures Bali has to offer.

We congratulate you for attending the 2019 Bali Arbitration Summit and thus seizing the opportunity to participate in and to align yourself with Indonesia’s unquestionable trajectory. We all at the BIAMC welcome you to the 2019 Bali Arbitration Summit and trust that you will enjoy Bali as much as we do.

See you in Bali — see you in paradise!

Naz Juman Gulinazaer
BIAMC Founding Chair / CEO