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Annual Fee: USD 28.00

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Why you should join?

At the BIAMC, we believe in investing in your future, from an early age. Whether you want to pursue a successful career in international dispute resolution, learn more about means to resolve disputes internationally or learn more on how to rogress your career in the field of law by acquiring several career-specific skills: Student Membership is an excellent supporter in all these endeavors.

What will you get?

  • Benefit from free admission for up to two seminars on alternative dispute resolution/year
  • Benefit from free admission for up to two career development trainings/year
  • Benefit from the opportunity to become your university’s BIAMC Student Ambassador
  • Hone your advocacy skills by participating in the BIAMC’s Advocacy Skills Competition
  • Stay informed about latest trends in the alternative dispute resolution industry through the BIAMC’s newsletters and updates
  • Engage with other students and alternative dispute resolution practitioners from Indonesia, South East Asia and generally around the world

How it works?

Student Membership is open to anyone who is enrolled at a university at the time of application.