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Our Membership Programme

Knowledge Innovation Development

We encourage even those completely new to the field of alternative dispute resolution to join us and improve their skills. No prior knowledge or experience is required.

Our Membership Programme is one of the leading alternative dispute resolution (ADR) membership schemes in the Asia-Pacific Region. Available and open to anyone with an interest in dispute resolution and ADR, in particular, we encourage individuals and organizations who are completely new to (alternative) dispute resolution and want to explore this fascinating field further, to join us. Our Membership Programme is thus not limited to those professionals and organizations, who are already active in the field of dispute resolution.

BIAMC Membership consists of two types of membership,

Everyone individual member in our Membership Programme starts either as a Student Member or as a General Member. Although not as prestigious as the Titled Membership level, our General Membership offers numerous benefits and is a great way to explore our Membership Program and learn about ADR at the same time.

If you possess some experience in ADR or already pursue a career in dispute resolution, we strongly encourage you to explore our Titled Membership options. From those starting out in the field, Associate Members, to Fellows with several years of experience/education in ADR and the well-established Senior Fellows – our Membership Programme offers the right options for everyone.

We also offer options for Corporate Members, both for corporations and for professional services firms. Our Membership Programme can be your fastest way to improve your dispute resolution capabilities – as a corporation – and the best gateway to Indonesia and beyond if you are a professional services firm.

We invite you to become part of the BIAMC by becoming a Member today. Follow the registration link on our website to join. The initial registration will only last two minutes. Upgrade your career. Take the next step and join the BIAMC today!

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