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Why you should join

Consistently build your career in ADR by starting out as an Associate Member. Upgrade your knowledge and skills and move from Associate Member to Fellow and, ultimately, Senior Fellow!

As a prospective Associate Member, you have already made the first steps in your pursuit as a dispute resolution professional. Congratulations! Now, take the second step and start your career in dispute resolution by upgrading your membership level from General Member to Associate Member. Benefit from the widely recognised post-nominals “ABiam”, which you can use the moment you become an Associate Member. Attend free basic lectures in the field of ADR and career workshops to learn what it takes to kick-start your career in international dispute resolution. Join today!

At the BIAMC, we fully appreciate that professional services firms form an essential part of life and this is why they also form an essential part of our BIAMC Membership Programme. As a professional services firm, you will have an excellent platform to market your services to other BIAMC members and, to Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific as a whole.

What will you get

  • Use the post-nominals “ABiam” and be recognised as an aspiring dispute resolution professional immediately
  • Receive one free pass to the Jakarta Expert Summit in International Arbitration
  • Benefit from the Special Member Price to the Bali Arbitration Summit
  • Attend up to four free lectures on alternative dispute resolution every year
  • Attend up to four free career development workshops every year
  • Pay a reduced registration fee for all BIAMC courses
  • Enjoy a reduced registration fee for selected BIAMC events and those of our partners
  • Stay informed about latest trends in the alternative dispute resolution industry through the BIAMC’s newsletters and updates
  • Engage with other alternative dispute resolution practitioners from Indonesia, South East Asia and generally around the world

How it works

Being admitted as a General Member


Track A: BIAMC's Introduction to ADR Course

Successfully completing the BIAMC's course "Introduction to ADR" (Module 1) or an equivalent qualification from a BIAMC-recognised course provider. (requires the submission of the equivalent course certificate)


Track B: Work experience

Possessing a minimum of three years' work experience. (requires the submission of references)

Annual fee: US$ 118

Please note that you must register as a General Member first for US$ 98

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