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Benefit for Individuals

The BIAMC Membership Benefits are unmatched in the Asia-Pacific Region

Our promise to you when you join as a member: you will enjoy much greater benefits than you will receive with membership at an ADR-related organization elsewhere. Have a look at the below overview of benefits. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at +62-812-8281-6333 or send us an e-mail.

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Use of post-nominal titles

As you continuously advance in your career, the post-nominal titles ABiam, FBiam and SFBiam are available (Titled Membership).

Relationship building in Asia-Pacific and beyond

Get access to the BIAMC’s network and build relationships with like-minded CEOs, professionals in the international dispute resolution community and others.

Attend events for free or at discounted rates

We offer special prices to our members for all BIAMC events. Even better: many members can attend our flagship events, the Bali Arbitration Summit and the Expert Summit in International Arbitration, free of charge.

Free access to the BIAMC’s e-learning courses

Learn the basics about dispute resolution – free of charge.

Progress your career in ADR

Network and learn to upgrade your skills; join the BIAMC Membership Career platform to boost your career (for young lawyers and students).

Discounts with hotels in Bali

Want to take some time off from work? Benefit from the exclusive BIAMC Membership corporate rates at selected hotels in Bali

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