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Why you should join

The Senior Fellow post-nominal letters SFBiam testify that you are part of an elite group of ADR practitioners, instantly recognized as experts in their field. Become a Senior Fellow and benefit from numerous advantages!

Show everyone that you are part of the elite! You may join as a Senior Fellow if you possess the experience and education to be recognized as an outstanding professional in the field of ADR by peers, clients and competitors alike. Being a Senior Fellow and using the post-nominals “SFBiam” is testament to you being an accomplished ADR professional. Beyond being recognized instantly, there are numerous other benefits which await you. Join today and enjoy the many advantages that come hand in hand with being a Senior Fellow.

What will you get

  • Use the post-nominals “SFBiam” and be recognised as an outstanding dispute resolution professional immediately
  • Receive one free ticket to the Bali Arbitration Summit
  • Receive one free pass to the Jakarta Expert Summit in International Arbitration
  • Enjoy a reduced registration fee for all BIAMC events and those of our partners
  • Pay a reduced registration fee for all BIAMC courses
  • Stay informed about latest trends in the alternative dispute resolution industry through the BIAMC’s newsletters and updates
  • Engage with other alternative dispute resolution practitioners from Indonesia, South East Asia and generally around the world

How it works

Being admitted as a General Member/Fellow


Track A: BIAMC’s Certification Pathway

  • Possessing relevant work experience in ADR of at least seven (7) years;
  • Successfully completing the BIAMC's courses
    • “Introduction to ADR” (Module 1)
    • “Foundations of ADR” (Module 2)
    • “Essentials of Arbitration” (Module 2a) or Essentials of Mediation (Module 2b)
    • “Diploma in Arbitration” (Module 3b) or “Diploma in Mediation” (Module 3b)
  • Successfully passing the BIAMC Peer Interview for Senior Fellowship


Track B: Equivalent Qualification

  • Successfully completing an equivalent qualification from a BIAMC-recognised course provider (requires the submission of the equivalent course certificates)
  • Successfully passing the BIAMC Peer Interview for Fellowship

Annual fee: US$ 228

Please note that you must register as a General Member first for US$ 98

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