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Titled Membership Options

Any General Member who meets the requirements for Titled Membership may upgrade his/her membership.

Every individual member in our Membership Programme starts either as a Student Member or as a General Member. As a General Member, you have to option to upgrade your membership to Titled Membership, assuming you meet all the necessary qualifications.

We offer three different levels of Titled Membership to those who have already become affiliated with the BIAMC as a General Member:

  • Associate Membership;
  • Fellow Membership; and
  • Senior Fellow Membership.

Pick the Titled Membership level that is right for you. Make the most out of your membership!

  • If you are just starting out in ADR but have already earned your stripes, you should explore joining us as an Associate Member!
  • Do you already possess several years of experience and/or education in dispute resolution? Check out the requirements to join as a Fellow!
  • Are you well-established in the field of arbitration or mediation? Then find out the many benefits you enjoy if you upgrade your membership level to that of Senior Fellow!

Please note that you must register as a General Member first

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