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Arbitration Summit 2019

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BIAMC International Arbitration Certification Course

Our international arbitration certification course will provide both a knowledge and an appreciation of commercial arbitration and its role within the global legal landscape. It offers the theory of arbitration law and practice with emphasis on the procedures of arbitration, both ad-hoc and institutional, and offers the practical side with a focus on drafting of arbitration agreements and awards. It will also explore the art of drafting dispute resolution clauses appropriate to the parties’ business needs and dispute resolution desires. This is the perfect course to either get your arbitration career rolling or to expand/perfect/certify your existing knowledge as a practicing arbitrator or legal academic.

Upon completion of this course, participants will :

  • Gain a solid foundation for participants to represent in commercial arbitration as an Arbitration Lawyer / Consultant and as an Arbitrator
  • Have confidence in their reliable and correct understanding of the knowledge and practice in international standards
  • Be eligible for empanelment as a Arbitrator with our partners, subject to the individual norms of enlistment

Any questions about why arbitration has surfaced as the number one form of cross-border dispute settlement? Check out our resources on Why Choose Arbitration?

Arbitration Training

5-Day International Arbitration Certification Course

1 Remaining Course Option in 2018:

October 1st-5th (Jakarta) - CURRENTLY ON HOLD,

Please note that participants are responsible for their own accomodations. Most participants, both domestic and foreign, desire to extend their trip to include a few days of holiday. In either case, However, we are eager to assist you should you require it.

Curriculum Outline: Day 1
  • What is international commercial arbitration?
    • Arbitration dispute settlement method
    • International versus ‘domestic’
    • How is international commercial arbitration different from international arbitration (i.e. Investor-State, State-State)
  • Legal regime governing international commercial arbitration
    • National laws
    • New York Convention 1958
    • Arbitration rules – institution and ad hoc
Curriculum Outline: Day 2
  • Arbitration Agreement
    • Requirements for arbitration agreement in writing
    • Pathological arbitration agreements
    • Drafting techniques
  • Arbitral Tribunal
    • Selection and appointment of arbitrators
    • Rights and duties of arbitrators
    • Challenge of arbitrators
Curriculum Outline: Day 3
  • Procedure in arbitration
    • Law governing the arbitration procedure
    • Commencement of arbitral proceedings
    • Procedural and jurisdictional issues
  • Arbitral award
    • Form and content
    • Finality and challenges
    • Recognition and enforcement
Curriculum Outline: Day 4
  • Practical aspect of arbitral proceedings
    • Initial steps (e.g. Notice of arbitration, responding to notice of arbitration, etc)
    • Guides for non-legal professionals and foreign counsels in handling arbitration
  • Practicum
Curriculum Outline: Day 5
  • Revision (followed by examination in the afternoon)

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