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Why you should join?

Whether we like it or not, disputes are an unavoidable part of the life of every corporation. Of course, we take comfort in believing and often even telling ourselves that the other side are the bad guys and that there is nothing we did wrong. This, however, does not change reality and, even “worse”, it does not change the fact that a dispute is there, whether we like it or not.

If you ignore the dispute or stick to the “I did nothing wrong,” it will certainly not help you to resolve the dispute. Instead, you should proactively address the dispute and know how to resolve it effectively without involving your lawyers. This will improve your organization overall and lead to a better bottom line at the end of the financial year. In other words: investing little money to be well-versed in avoiding and resolving disputes is better spent than having to pay a large amount to resolve a clash with your former business partner now turned enemy.

In our Corporate Membership for Corporations, you enjoy tailor-made dispute avoidance and dispute resolution training for your corporation including advice specifically made for your industry. Your key executives may attend general BIAMC lectures and trainings free of charge every year and thus significantly update their dispute resolution capabilities – irrespective of what function they have in your corporation.

Benefit from our vast advantages for corporations by joining the BIAMC as a Corporate Member today!

What will you get?

  • Obtain individualised tailor-made alternative dispute resolution training and advice for your company (two hours)
  • Enjoy free admission to the BIAMC’s Legal Updates provided by government officials and industry experts
  • Receive one free pass to the Bali Arbitration Summit
  • Receive two free passes for the Jakarta Expert Summit in International Arbitration
  • Pay a reduced registration fee for all BIAMC courses (up to three participants per event)
  • Enjoy a reduced registration fee for selected BIAMC events and those of our partners (up to three participants per event)
  • Stay informed about latest trends in the alternative dispute resolution industry through the BIAMC’s newsletters and updates
  • Engage with like-minded professionals from Indonesia, South East Asia and generally around the world

How it works?

  • Corporate Membership for Corporations is open to any business entity interested in learning more on avoiding and resolving disputes.