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Professional Services Firms

Annual Fee: USD 2,500.00

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Why you should join?

While in an ideal world, all disputes could be avoided, this is but utopia. The reality is that disputes form an essential, sometimes useful and necessary part of life. Without the help of professional services firms, such as law firms, expert advisory firms or accounting firms, disputes could not be resolved in the appropriate manner – which is ultimately to the detriment of everyone involved because it leads to wrong results.

At the BIAMC, we fully appreciate that professional services firms form an essential part of life and this is why they also form an essential part of our BIAMC Membership Programme. As a professional services firm, you will have an excellent platform to market your services to other BIAMC members and, to Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific as a whole.

What will you get?

  • Promote your professional dispute resolution services to both Corporate and Individual BIAMC Members as well as to the BIAMC’s contacts at large
  • Obtain the opportunity to speak at the BIAMC’s events
  • Receive one free pass and accommodation (two nights) for the Bali Arbitration Summit
  • Contribute to the BIAMC’s courses in your field of expertise (upon availability)
  • Enjoy a reduced registration fee for selected BIAMC events and those of our partners (up to three participants per event)
  • Pay a reduced registration fee for all BIAMC courses (up to three participants per event)
  • Demonstrate your expertise by contributing to the BIAMC’s newsletters and other publications
  • Stay informed about latest trends in the alternative dispute resolution industry through the BIAMC’s newsletters and updates
  • Engage with like-minded professionals from Indonesia, South East Asia and generally around the world

How it works?

Corporate Membership for Professional Services Firms is open to any professional services firm providing services related to alternative dispute resolution.